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AI for Health economics & outcomes research

AI to speed up HTA & SLR

Save time extracting data from academic papers on costs, burden of disease, and other epidemiological details

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Save time & find more evidence

Automate without sacrificing accuracy

In comparison tests, Elicit’s data extraction accuracy was 13-26% higher (in absolute percentage points) than manual extraction by trained research staff

50% - 80% faster and cheaper

Elicit's extractions and screenings are instantaneous. Elicit costs 50%-80% less than manual data extraction

Update living reviews

Elicit Notebooks store each step of your review process so that you can easily update reviews and extractions with new papers

Product Features

Extract data for literature screening or meta-analysis

Including data from tables

Choose from over 30 predefined fields, or define your own

Add descriptions & instructions, like with research assistants. Extract data from tables of papers

Check all language model work in-line

View supporting quotes from the paper and see quotes in the context of the paper


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