Our team

Andreas Stuhlmüller
Cofounder & CEO

Before starting Elicit, Andreas was a postdoctoral researcher in Noah Goodman's Computational Cognitive Science lab at Stanford. He co-created WebPPL, a programming language for probabilistic machine learning. He holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from MIT, where he worked in Josh Tenenbaum's group.

Jungwon Byun
Cofounder & COO

Prior to Elicit, Jungwon was the Head of Growth at Upstart, where she helped the company scale 5x in revenue and originations. Before Upstart, Jungwon was a management consultant at Oliver Wyman and the Executive Director / CEO of Elmseed Enterprise Fund. She graduated cum laude from Yale, and holds a B.A. in economics.

James Brady
Head of Engineering

James leads our engineering team. He joined Elicit from Spring, where he was VP of Technology leading the development of their creator commerce platform. Before Spring, James founded startups in the developer tools space, then brought a team to Square to build their Payroll product.

Sarah Park
Head of Operations

Sarah is an Operations leader with a background spanning SaaS, online media, and hospitality. Prior to Elicit, she was Head of People at Geneva and President at MeetEdgar. Sarah is an advocate for building sustainable, people-first companies and communities.

Kevin Bird
Head of Product

Before Elicit, Kevin was a Product Director and the first Product Manager at Nubank, the largest digital bank in the world and one of the most valuable tech companies founded in the last decade. He spent 8 years there leading various product teams across Growth, Internationalization, Data Science and Corporate Strategy and also helped scale the product team to over 300 PMs. Prior to Nubank, Kevin spent 3 years making growth investments at DFJ. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford and an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Ben Rachbach
Evaluation Program Manager

Ben was a software engineer at Wonder Workshop prior to joining Elicit. Before that, he was a research analyst at GiveWell. He received a B.A. in Chinese and education studies from Swarthmore College.

Justin Reppert
Machine Learning Engineer

Justin is a machine learning engineer who previously worked on evaluations of international development projects. He holds a PhD from Fordham University, where he specialized in the philosophy of mathematics.

Luke Stebbing
Software Engineer

Luke is a software engineer who previously worked at the University of Utah’s Center for High Performance Computing, Xapio, FireID, and Google. He holds a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Utah.

Adrian "Panda" Smith
Infrastructure Engineer

Panda is an infrastructure engineer with a focus on developer experience. Prior to joining Elicit he worked at Stripe to keep the financial infrastructure of the internet running, as well as building their early-stage language model tooling. Before Stripe, Panda worked with Keysight Technologies designing the infrastructure and software necessary to operate a global high-tech hardware supply chain.

Charlie George
Machine Learning Engineer

Charlie is a machine learning engineer who originally joined us as an intern in 2022. Since then, he has implemented some of our most-loved features including "chat with papers" and extracting insights from tabular data. Before Elicit, he was studying mathematics at the University of Warwick.

Juliet Orang
Administrative Assistant

Juliet is our administrative assistant. Before joining Elicit, she worked as a customer representative at AT&T Mobile, and before that, she worked as a sales and billing customer representative at Frontier Communications.

Lorenzo Flores
Machine Learning Intern

LJ is a machine learning engineer intern. Before joining, he was doing natural language processing research in summarization at Yale, where he received his BS degree in statistics.

Emi Andere
Software Engineer Intern

Emi is a software engineer intern. Prior to joining Elicit, he contributed to projects at Sphere Labs and Impossible Finance. Emi also conducted machine learning security research at the University of Chicago, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Mathematics

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