Generative AI for Systematic reviews

Automate systematic reviews & meta-analyses

Save time screening & extracting data with language models

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Systematic reviews assisted by AI

Human-level accuracy

Elicit correctly identified over 96% of relevant papers when screening 5,000 papers. For the same project, human research assistants only identified 92%.

50% - 80% faster and cheaper

Elicit's extractions and screenings are instantaneous. Elicit costs 50%-80% less than hiring human research assistants.

Greater impact

The average systematic review takes 5 researchers 1.3 years to publish (Borah et al. 2017). Summarizing literature faster is necessary for evidence-based decision-making.

Product Features

Extract data for screening or meta-analysis

Including data from tables

Choose from over 30 predefined fields, or define your own

Add descriptions & instructions, like with research assistants

Check all language model work in-line

View supporting quotes from the paper and see quotes in the context of the paper


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